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Our Team Bundle membership is a recurring bundle of day passes and meeting room hours for teams who need a safe place to land on those days when working from home just isn’t cutting it. Whether your team is planning to return to your old office space, stay remote for the foreseeable future, or try to find a strategy that accommodates all the above, our Team Bundle exists to be a part of your plan,  

What's Included

The Team Bundle is designed for teams that need access to our space in a more flexible manner. Our base bundle includes 10 day passes and 10 hours of meeting room rentals per month, each of which can be used across up to 10 people on a team. The Team Bundle is a recurring membership that is managed through Outlet’s member platform. Members on your team can utilize day passes through their Outlet member account, and we’ll automatically subtract the number of passes/meeting hours left for your whole team as your perks are used.  

-10 meeting room hours per month ($400 value)

-10 coworking day passes per month ($250 value)

-Access hours: Mon-Fri 8am-6pm



-10 coworking day passes per month, Mon-Fri 8am-6pm 

-Shared desk areas and lounges

-Outdoor patios and green spaces

-High-speed wi-fi 

-10 meeting room hours included per month, 25% discount on additional hours  


-Front desk reception from 9am-5pm M-F 

-Online platform for meeting room booking and billing 

-Business class printing 

-On-site support from management 

-Business address use and mail box included 


-Bottomless coffee from Camellia Coffee Roasters and tea 

-Local craft beer on tap

-Access to members only events 

-Connect and network with other members 

Team Bundle FAQ's

What am I committing to?

Our memberships are all month to month. With each payment, you are only agreeing to commit for another month! 

What if my team needs more passes/hours one month?

Need more passes than what your Bundle includes? No prob. Team Bundle members get a discounted day pass rate of $15/pass for any add-on day passes you need in a month. Need more conference room hours? Team Bundle members get 25% off for any additional hours.

Can I bring guests?

Anyone outside of your team is free to join you for meetings in our meeting rooms. If a friend or colleague wants to come work for a full day, all they’ll need is a day pass, which we can purchase separately from your bundle or add onto it! 

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