1.  Get out of the house/coffee shop

It can be hard to focus and be productive with a sink full of dirty dishes or your TV staring you in the face at home.  Coffee shops are loud and expensive.  Coworking is a great alternative option for start-ups, entrepreneurs, remote workers, creatives, and more to have a place to come together and work.


2. Network without trying

The greatest resource of coworking is the people.  You come to work alongside like-minded people and the possibilities for collaboration are endless.  Some coworkers end up hiring each other, trading services, and even going in to business together.


3. Lend credibility to your business

Outlet has a great Midtown location that can be your business’s address.  Membership also comes with time in our conference rooms that you can use for meetings with clients or other business associates.


4. Fast, Reliable Internet

Our dedicated fiber optic internet is blazing fast, reliable and stable, with symmetrical up and download speeds.


5.  We’ll manage the office so you can focus on running your business

Managing an office takes time out of your day that you could be using to grow your business.  Outlet’s staff takes care of the cleaning, utilities, coffee, and other aspects of running the building so you don’t have to.

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