In today's Member Spotlight, Cinde Dolphin, Inventor of the KILI Medical Drain Carrier, tells us about herself and her company:


KILI Medical Drain Carrier is a Sacramento-based business specializing in the sales and distribution of a revolutionary management system for post-surgical medical drains.

About 15% of surgical procedures in the U.S. require a drain be inserted during surgery to siphon fluids away from the wound area. Currently, almost all hospitals and clinics provide safety pins as the sole management tool for suspending drain bulbs.

Based on the same principle as an apron, the KILI Carrier suspends drains painlessly throughout the patient’s recovery period.

The product is the result of nine separate surgeries where I was required to deal with medical drains. I’m a four-time cancer survivor and hope to be useful in creating an improved experience for other cancer patients.

The product is now being used in post anesthesia care units at UC Davis Medical Center, University of Chicago Medical Center, Sutter Memorial Cancer Center, VA Hospital in Martinez and St. Joseph Hospital in Denver.


I’m the inventor of the KILI Carrier, and I selected the name to honor people living in the region surrounding Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. From among them come the tireless porters who, working for relatively low wages, carry food and life-saving supplies to the summit.


I also work with women in rural African villages, who form micro-loan groups to create small businesses. They produce bright and colorful aprons from local fabrics that I purchase and sell in small gift shops. Many use their business proceeds to fund schooling for daughters, who are often prevented from getting an education due to lack of resources.


When I’m not working, I do a lot of volunteer work. I provide a foster home for dogs from Yolo County SPCA and am a leader of the teen youth group at City Life Church. If I could have dinner with anyone, I’d like a meal with Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr. and Jane Goodall.


The Outlet Coworking space is ideal for pursuing my many endeavors. I like the delicious coffee and beer selections, and great energy from other members.

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