Tell us about yourself and your job/company.

Just about a year ago, I started doing contract consulting work for a company called ABA Technologies. They were creating a business consulting company focused on improving company performance, using behavioral science. 2 months into my contract work with them, I realized we were both going in the same direction, working to do awesome consulting work, but without the headache or cost of extensive travel. So I decided to jump on board and start working with them full time.

I now have the pleasure of saying that I am the regional manager of consulting services for the West Coast, and we are already working with several companies to improve employee retention, capture unused revenue opportunities, and increase employee entrepreneurial behavior, to name a few.

We have been working a lot in the healthcare sector, and now I am setting my sights in 2017 on tech, and particularly clean tech companies.


What are you passionate about?

Professionally I am really into using data to help guide our solutions. Anytime we can bring data to the conversation it helps make us more effective, and helps to determine whether we are in fact improving the bottom line. I am also passionate about working with companies that do good. If a client company is working in some way to move the world to a better place, then that is the sort of company I want to help. That is why I am so interested in getting into clean tech, that is an area with huge potential to make an impact.

Personally, I really love adventures and activities, particularly outside. When not working you can usually find me outside running around in the woods or riding my tandem bike around town with my girlfriend, or out seeing the world.


Why did you join Outlet? Describe your experience here so far.

I joined outlet for two main reasons. First, as a new business in a new town, I was looking for a way to build connections and for a professional space to conduct our operations. On this count it has been really helpful. I have been able to do things like learning about copywriting from fellow co-workers, and find out about networking events around town, and even collaborating with people on professional projects.

The second reason was for a sense of community. Operations for my company in this region are still developing, which means my team is on the East coast, and I am the only west coaster. Working from home is great, but at some points I need to get out of the office and interact with other people. The Outlet has been great for that. It’s nice to be able to casually chat with others, play some ping pong, join in on the social activities, and even catch some episodes of Game of Thrones with coworkers.


What are your future plans? (Business or personal)

Business-wise, I plan to develop our business out west big enough to need to get some employees and upgrade to a full office at the Outlet.

Personally, I am working on a project with my girlfriend to develop a foreign language learning app specifically for travelers. We’re starting with Italian, mostly for good business reasons, but partly because we wanted an excuse to travel to Italy more often. It’s an idea I am really excited about, and I see a really big future for this program.


If you could have dinner with any person, living or dead, who would it be and why?

I’d have dinner with Psychologist B.F. Skinner. His ideas and philosophies created such an impact on the way we think about human behavior, and I’d be so curious to hear his thoughts on the changes that have happened in the last 20 years. I think he’d be blown away by the potential of social media and tech to influence human behavior.


What was your dream job as a child?

When I was young I used to say that I wanted to be an inventor. I think if I had known what the word Entrepreneur meant at that time, that is probably what I would have said instead. The adventure of creating new things did and still does fascinate me.



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