We have 3 meeting rooms here at Outlet Coworking that are available for our members and non-members alike. There can be many different reasons you may need to book one of our meeting rooms. Here are a few examples-

  • the first opportunity you have to close a deal
  • an introduction to meet (and impress) a potential client
  • an introduction to a team you’ll be managing or working with
  • a crucial block of time where decisions must be made
  • a time-sensitive session where work must get done

If you’re facilitating a meeting, you have to decide what materials you need, what you want to pitch, who is attending, and then coordinate multiple schedules and calendars, possibly across distant locations. With all these things to worry about, you don’t need to add tools and environment to the list. We can take care of that for you! Our rooms come stocked with whiteboards, wifi, flat screen TVs with presentation capabilities, HDMI cables, and all the outlets you could ask for! We also have Insight Coffee in the kitchen available for you and your guests. You can check availability and make bookings through our website or through the app - or just call us and we can take care of it for you!

Here is what people are saying about our meeting rooms-

"Very helpful and accommodating staff. We were grateful for the kind and attentive service! The space worked great for our needs. Thank you!"

"Love Outlet! Service is always outstanding, everything is always set up in advance! Couldn't be more pleased."


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