You know that feeling you have when you work hard on something, then the day finally comes when it’s finished, and you get to look at it with total satisfaction knowing all that hard work has paid off? Well, that’s exactly how we at Outlet Coworking feel today. Why? We are finally ready to open up our new Desk Jockey space in the loft upstairs!

   The loft here at Outlet has gone through a few different iterations. We started out with a couch, giant bean bags and a big TV on the wall. After 2 years of the TV being turned on once a month and the room rarely being used, we decided it was time to make a few changes. We took the TV down off the wall, added a giant rug to make the space feel a little warmer and added a round table and chairs. Immediately more members started using the space but it still was the most underutilized room in the building. It was time for a major change. 

   We thought of several different possibilities including closing off the space into more offices but finally decided the best use would be more dedicated desk space. In this new version of the loft, you get all the open-air glory of coworking with the added luxury of personalized, private workspace to call your own. Help us write the next page in the story of the Outlet loft by coming in for a tour and coworking with us! We can’t wait to show you the new space!


Old Versions- I still think they are pretty cool!

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