Goodbye 2019 and hello 2020! 

Startup businesses and independent contractors need to find a balance between growing their business and controlling costs. Workers who have the option to work remotely are choosing to work from home instead of heading into a corporate office everyday. All of these groups can benefit from joining a coworking space! Coworking spaces provide the perfect environment of productivity, collaboration, and a sense of community at a much lower cost than traditional office space.

Here are 3 reasons (and there are many more!) you should consider joining a coworking space in 2020-

1. Community

Lets face it, working from home or on your own can get lonely after a while. One of the greatest benefits of coworking is that it allows you to interact and connect with some awesome people on a daily basis. Each day, you get to work alongside a diverse group of people–from entrepreneurs, to freelancers, to remote workers and even small startups. Coworking gives you endless chances to build relationships with game-changing people through time spent working in the same space (with community events and happy hours thrown in the mix, too). Rather than working alone from home, members of coworking spaces get to be apart of a collaborative and supportive community.

2. Productivity

Coworking spaces are designed to help their members be more productive. When working from home, I know I tend to get distracted by chores, kids, TV, etc. and while some of these things are technically productive, they aren’t the things I need to do to make money. I am sure this applies to other people who work from home also.  Studies have shown that working out of a coworking space actually increases productivity. A big reason for that, besides removing the natural distractions of working from home, is having the energy of other people working around you who are also trying to succeed within their own businesses. Removing unnecessary distractions and being around other motivated individuals helps you to maintain your workflow and stay on task. Because of all the above, many employers have even started offering to pay for their employees’ coworking memberships, because they recognize the high value of the boost in productivity that coworking provides.

3. Earn More Money

One of the biggest fears people have about joining a coworking space is losing money on something they don’t need. The reality is a coworking membership is an investment that can help you earn more money than ever. Aside from the productivity gains mentioned above, another reason you can make more money is the possibility–and likelihood–of collaborating with some of the people you cowork with. When you’re working alongside other freelancers and individuals within different fields than your own, you gain the opportunity to organically offer your services to them and in return utilize their services as well. 

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