Our Mission

Our mission is to help our members celebrate the everyday by creating authentic experiences, human connections, and a sense of belonging. We are dedicated to changing the way you feel about coming to work.


Why We Exist

We’re firm believers that the work environment is critical not only for a business, but for the health and success of the entrepreneurs and professionals themselves.   When we aren’t happy at work, other areas of our lives are affected, and employee dissatisfaction at work is at an all-time high. Before we created our coworking space, we worked as entrepreneurs in our own fields and we experienced first hand how difficult it can be to work through the distractions of managing a home office or a traditional workspace. That is why we created a space where those everyday distractions can fade to the background, allowing you to put your focus where it belongs.

We believe that both your workspace environment and who you surround yourself with throughout your workweek can make all the difference. Since we first opened in 2015, we’ve seen so many professionals go from hating their job to enjoying it again, all because they joined Outlet Coworking.


How We Started

Our co-founders, Travis and Harrison, are brothers and Sacramento natives. Travis got his start in property management and real estate development while Harrison comes from a creative background, making films for local nonprofits and businesses. They both found themselves in need of a new workspace to accommodate their growing businesses and after looking at various options, couldn’t find anything that met their needs.  No flexibility, no collaborative space, no community, no hospitality.  They decided to build it themselves. That idea quickly became a reality when Outlet Coworking opened its doors in Midtown Sacramento in March of 2015.


Midtown Sacramento Coworking

Midtown Sacramento is a neighborhood brimming with rich culture and history, combined with a vibrant emerging art and food scene, offering a unique mix of the old and the new.

Our facility has long been a staple of the business and arts community in Sacramento, and our intention has always been to carry on that legacy with Outlet Coworking. We are located right in the heart of midtown Sacramento at 2110 K Street. Our centralized location, with restaurants, cafes and nightlife just a few steps out the front door, works as a perfect home base for business whether you are coming from the suburbs or live in the city.

 Coworking in midtown Sacramento is the perfect spot for the creative professional who is passionate about living for the workweek and not just the weekend. Here you will find flexibility, inspiration, and collaboration with like-minded individuals.

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