Spark Sacramento Freelancers Meetup Group

Are you a freelancer? Outlet will now be hosting the Spark Sacramento Freelancers Meetup on the first Wednesday of every month at 6pm. Attend to meet other entrepreneurs in the area, get inspired, and talk about all things related to the freelance life. Its free to attend, but please register here.


Project management is the key to mapping success and making sure your client is on board every step of the way. A well-managed project means nothing slips through the cracks and you're on track to deliver on every promise you pitched – and more!

At April's SPARK, we'll cover project management basics like:

- Goal setting and defining a project scope

- Creating a timeline and defining milestones

- Reporting and tracking success

RSVP to join your SPARK group to learn the Fundamentals of Project Management.

There will also be time to network with other freelancers who may be able to offer tips and tricks you hadn’t considered before.

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